Perfect for any occasion

Gather friends and family for a party, celebrate a graduation or a birthday, plan your rehearsal dinner or wedding event- the LaFoley Wood Fired Oven is genuine and perfect for all occasions.

Get creative

Our menu options are limitless. Although his wood fired pizzas generated great interest at many of the local Farmer’s Markets this summer, Ryan is not limited to pizza at all; if you can cook it in a regular oven, you can cook it in this one too. Check out some of our most requested menu ideas.

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The LaFoley Wood Fired Oven

The oven rolls in, the sides open up, the fire roars, the cooking gets underway, and the experience begins even before the fabulous food is enjoyed. Hand crafted out of steel and reclaimed timber from old buildings that Ryan dismantled, the mobile oven is, aesthetically, very pleasing. Ryan loves working together with his clients to get as creative as possible.

The oven itself is a Mugnaini oven crafted in Italy and constructed in Watsonville, California. Ryan worked with local craftsmen to put into effect the ideas he had been fashioning for some time.  The result is a fabulous little restaurant that comes to you. From the construction of the oven and the glow of the fire to Ryan’s friendly professionalism and the authentic flavors of the food, bringing the wood fired oven to your event creates an ambiance even before you indulge in any other planning.

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